Gay Thailand

A travel site for gay visitors to Thailand.

Bangkok's Grand Palace

The Grand Palace, Bangkok.


Elephant trekking, north of Chiang-Mai

Elephant trekking, in the hills of the north, is part of the holiday tour we offer.


This site is sponsored by Alyson Adventures and Hanns Ebensten Travel, 4-time recipient of the "Editor's Choice" award from Out and About, the gay travel newsletter.

About this site

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This website was prepared by Alyson Adventures, as background for travelers on Honah Lee, our active Thailand tour for gay men, lesbians, and friends. We've tried to make the site useful for other visitors contemplating travel or a holiday in one of our favorite lands.

Gay travel — our group's itinerary

Thailand tour overview.

Hanns Ebensten Travel: More about the classical tour company, which sponsors tours on this website.

Alyson Adventures: More about the adventure company, which sponsors tours on this website.

The big picture: customs, travel information

Thai customs: You'll have a better vacation if you understand some fundamentals about Thai culture.

And more customs: After you feel you have a grasp of the cultural differences explained in the section above, here's more.

The social hierarchy: Set aside some western precepts.

Mai pen rai: A slogan and a philosophy.

Thai time: A reflection of the mai-pen-rai philosophy.

Things to try... Come back with favorite holiday memories.

Some useful details

Getting around Thailand: You can travel on elephants, boats, and trains. Try them all!

Bargaining: Don't pay the asking price. But don't embarrass yourself or the seller, either.

Thailand travel facts: Weather, telephone, tipping, currency, and more.

Shopping: Thailand has many bargains. Here are some we recommend.

Squat Toilets: An American users' guide to Thai bathrooms.


The Thai language: It's helpful to know this much about Thai even if you don't learn the language.

Making yourself understood: How to get by with English.

Gay travel and customs

Gay life and culture.

An introduction to gay dating and socializing .

And more about gay dating, meeting men, and handling expectations.

Gay-friendly accommodations for independent travelers

Specific stops: Bangkok; the Jim Thompson house; Chiang-Mai; Trekking to the Hill Tribes; The Rainforest; Phuket and Beaches.

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