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Bangkok: Venice of the East

The Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

Above: Bangkok's vast Grand Palace and its affiliated temples and buildings, two centuries old, cover a full square mile. 

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This page describes one of the five dramatically different regions within Thailand visited on Honah Lee, a holiday for gay men, lesbians, and friends. Links at the bottom of this page will take you to more information about this tour.

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We arrive in Bangkok on the first afternoon of our holiday. After settling into the hotel, we indulge in one of Thai culture's passionate pursuits: the art of fine cuisine. Bangkok provides a banquet of opportunities for dining out, including gourmet restaurants with classic Thai entertainment, outdoor cafes, and dinner boats that peruse the city's historic waterways, so romantic that Europeans once called Bangkok the "Venice of the East".

For the next two days, we take full advantage of these canals to avoid the thick road traffic. Fortunately, we can travel by boat to major points of interest, including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace. Those who wish can venture upriver to Ayutthaya, the Thai kingdom's ancient capital, where the ruins of massive temples and Buddhist statues reveal the ancient foundation of this deeply spiritual culture.

But save energy for after dinner. Bangkok comes alive in the late evening. The city has three gay neighborhoods, the most famous of which is Silom, for the hearty partier, with its wild street life, discotheques and massage parlors. You'll have time to visit any number of the area's up-scale gay bars, restaurants, and cabaret shows; or just enjoy a leisurely stroll. An excellent location for us to split into smaller groups, or for you to explore on your own, Bangkok offers nighttime entertainment venues for every lifestyle.

And now, prepare for culture shock as we leave Bangkok, to travel back in time during our three days of trekking amongst the hill tribes.

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